Movember: A Month To Remember

Movember This past November, our Toronto & Vancouver tattoo shop continued our partnership with the annual Movember campaign. For those who are unaware, Movember is a global campaign that encourages its fundraisers to grow mustaches in support of Men’s health. In doing so, the Movember campaign raises awareness of the health risks men face through diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health. When this campaign began, we felt the social obligation to get the conversation started about the mental health issues that men often avoid. We believed that this was the perfect platform for the Toronto & Vancouver tattoo community and a creative cause to boot. As a result, we committed to creating annual campaigns that encouraged Toronto & Vancouver tattoo lovers to raise money and awareness for this growing issue. Last year, we raised over $7,000 for Movember by creating Movember tattoo designs and tattooing them for donations. This past November, we continued creating unique opportunities for tattoo-aficionados to get involved. In doing so, we offered a chance to win a $1500 tattoo from our very own Mor Cogen through a ticketed raffle. The more tickets you bought, the greater your chances of winning the raffle. We strongly encouraged all raffle purchasers to grow their own mustaches to show their support for the campaign. In addition, we had many members of our team grow their own mo’s to continue building awareness for this amazing initiative. By the month’s end, our campaign received a great response raising $4950, all of which went directly to the Movember foundation. We can proudly say that we contributed to Canada’s global Movember ranking, raising $21,918,159 all together (the most for any country in the world). When we embarked on this campaign, we set out with two main goals: 1) to help Movember raise awareness for men’s physical and mental health and 2) to help erode the stigma placed around the Toronto & Vancouver tattoo industry. We believe we have achieved these goals by continuing to show our commitment to men’s health awareness as well as encouraging the community and tattoo lovers to get involved in the fundraiser. Moving forward, we feel the sky is the limit for this amazing cause. Next year we plan to raise the stakes, doubling our fundraising efforts and building off of our successful raffle to reach more tattoo lovers who want to make a difference. We feel our strong partnership with the Movember campaign is essential and we will continue to think of creative and unique ways to incorporate Movember within the tattoo world. If you’re looking for a new place to get some ink, contact us or stop by our Toronto & Vancouver tattoo shop. Our Toronto & Vancouver Tattoo Shop took part once again in Movember]>>