Smiley Piercing 101: What it is and how to wear it

What is a Smiley Piercing? You have heard the hype about the popular smiley piercing trend, and you want to know what it’s all about. What is a smiley frenulum piercing anyway? To answer this, the first thing we’re going to have to do is take one step back and ask, “What is a frenulum?” A frenulum is a fold of tissue or skin that supports or restricts motion in the area it is attached to. They can be found all over your body, the web between fingers and toes, genitalia, under your tongue, or between your lip and gums. All of these places have been used for piercings, but it is the smiley piercing that is making the most headway today. So what is a smiley frenulum piercing? It is a piercing that goes through the frenulum located between your gums and upper lip. The smiley frenulum piercing sits in front of your teeth and is commonly pierced with a straight barbell, CBR, or circular barbell. Why is it called a Smiley? The location of this piercing means that it cannot be seen all of the time. The smiley piercing gets its name because it is most visible when you are smiling. Conversation Piece The smiley frenulum piercing truly is a conversation piece. After all it is usually only visible if you are smiling or talking a lot. While this minimized visibility reduces your ability to show it off to some degree, it does provide a lot of options for wearing some cool jewelry. Although the piercing hasn’t really breached the mainstream much yet, the piercing process is fairly standard. Even as it picks up steam, the smiley remains a fairly rare piercing, so it is sure to get people talking. Are there any risks with Smiley Piercings? While the process of getting a smiley frenulum piercing is pretty standard piercing to perform, there are some limitations to who can get one. One potential area of concern is if you do not have a large enough frenulum in your mouth. In this case you should avoid this piercing, and it is unlikely a professional will perform the piercing. When you have have a smaller frenulum, it increases the chances of the tearing, or migration. Another area to be aware of is the potential for gum recession. Gum recession can lead to tooth loss and may require reconstructive surgery. There is also potential for the piercing itself to chip away at the enamel on your teeth as it moves around in your mouth. If you are getting this piercing discuss theses concerns with your piercer. They can help you decide if the smiley frenulum piercing is right for you and help make recommendations for jewelry that will work best for you. Find a piercer who has experience with this sort of piercing, they can offer more informed advice and reduces any risk involved. An experienced piercer will know to talk about the aforementioned risks with you. What is CIT’s Experience With Smiley Frenulum Piercings? While the smiley is only just becoming a popular piercing, it is not a new one. There are quite a few piercers at Chronic Ink who have experience with this type of piercing and will be able to provide you with feedback on whether a smiley frenulum piercing is best for you. Have any more questions about smiley frenulum piercings? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help! The Chronic Ink Team Smiley Frenulum piercing that shows visibly when smiling