Proud to be Canadian

457095_460610097329079_865533422_o Ever since the Sandy Hook tragedy, there's been a lot of conversation about gun control and the NRA and the situation seems more polarized than ever. It feels like America has never been more divided and as much as we hope that country will come together to solve a real problem, it just doesn't look very promising right now. However, we think what has been lost in all of this is how lucky we are to be Canadians. That's the real conversation for us. As much as we don't want take pleasure in others' tragedies, we can't help but feel lucky that we live in Canada. We are every bit as free as Americans but we don't have to own a gun. We have a healthy economy (compared to the rest of the world) and we are happy to fly under the radar. For the most part, we try not to send our soldiers out to wars that don't matter to us, and not coincidentally, nobody hates Canadians and people don't fuck with us. So we want to take this moment to thank our beautiful country, for giving us a place we are proud to call home. Our shop consists of people from Hungary, China, Vietnam, UK, Hong Kong and Israel, and the reason we are all here is because this country have accepted us. A lot of us are immigrants and we are here because Canada is just a better place to live. So, before Christmas, we want to say thank you Canada. And thank God that tattoos are not frowned upon here. Now, back to work.