Merry Christmas Everyone

1463386_1008875949169155_4952819094115787139_nMerry Christmas everyone! We want to thank you all for a wonderful year. We've had a blessed year and we've grown a lot both from an artistic perspective and as a studio. We feel our art has gotten better and there's still so much room for improvement. Most of our artists are just scratching the surface and we feel the sky is the limit. And we've been able to continue to add talent and people that makes us better and more diverse. This year we've added watercolour, blackwork, dotwork, and custom lettering to our repertoire and we will continue to add them according to our artists' passions. A lot of people ask us what our secret sauce is. As much as we can tell it's putting a bunch of uber talented people in one room who are not afraid of other talent, rooting and pushing for each other to get better, and learning from other's mistakes. One thing we've learned is that A players want to play with other A players. You see it all the time in sports and it's no different in our world. The best want to be with the best and we believe we have the potential to be one of the best group of tattoo artists on this planet. As for our continual growth, we recognize that it can be both wonderful and dangerous. It has the potential to undo this wonderful family we've built, so we will make sure we are growing for the right reasons. What would happen if we stopped growing after OG? What happens if we decided BKS will be the last? We may never experience the wonderful art and person that is Zeke. And will we have gotten to see the script master that Steve Chen has become? What about the magic that is brewing inside David and so many of our artists? Everyone deserves a chance at this happiness and we are going to continue making this our mandate. We are able to enjoy this Christmas Day because tattooing has brought us all to a better place. So, thank you for all your support and we will try to continue to make you guys proud. #wearproud #workproud Chronic Ink Family