How and Why you should wear a medical face mask

About Medical Masks

Medical or surgical masks each have their unique properties when it comes to protection, and tend to offer different options depending on the kind that you have. Ideally, no one is out buying medical masks that our first responders could use, but some of us may have prepped early just in case a respiratory illness struck. By doing so, there are a few ways to both wear and efficiently utilize your mask, depending on its type. The news will rightly tell you that most surgical or medical-grade masks should be reserved only for medical professionals and those who are on the front lines of the pandemic each day. There is no real reason for you or your family to be discarding face masks each day when they can be sued by medical professionals in order to treat patients with issues of immediate need.

Surgical Mask Know-How

Most medical-grade masks are the traditional level 1, or surgical masks, which is a relatively loose-fitting, frontal-facing facial covering that is most effective at preventing a patient’s bodily fluids from coming in contact with high impact infection areas such as the nose and mouth. You’ve probably seen your medical practitioner wearing a mask like this during an exam or perhaps in the ER. These masks are primarily used by these public health workers, such as nurses and doctors. As such, if you do have a surplus of these types of masks since before the outbreak, your best bet is to donate or otherwise give them to medical professionals who come into contact with COVID-19 patients every day. Single-use masks will be of no use to the general public when hospitals are running low, so be sure to understand the specific needs in your area if you’re unsure. When in doubt, know that you are probably better off with a homemade, reusable mask than one that is only single usage and better recommended for health professionals at this time.

How to wear a medical face mask

Wearing a face mask might seem uncomfortable or otherwise difficult. Still, it is in your best interest to take note of precautions and recommendations by health officials, as these will single-handedly be the most effective way of combating the virus. COVID-19 does not discriminate between those who wear specialized medical masks and those who don’t. Those who adhere to recommendations given to them by health professionals, as well as sticking to a standard plan of hygiene, will have the best chance at combating any infection that may arise through regular daily activity.

How long do medical face masks last?

In the traditional medical field, pretty much every mask, especially surgical masks, are used only for the duration that they are required. Every other application typically involves masks that are reusable or can be effectively sterilized in between use. It is imperative to know if your mask is one that can be reused multiple times instead of just once, as you will be ready to go out into the public more as well as lessen any chances of infection that may arise.

Where to buy medical face masks

For those who are interested in medical-grade masks, it has become more and more difficult to procure them in recent months, and for the better. As stated previously, those who are on the front lines of caring for others who are definitively diagnosed with VOVID-29 should be the only ones using masks that are disposable or provide the most protection during this time. If you happen to have a personal surplus or otherwise more substantial stash than most of these types of masks, it is In your best interest to try and donate or otherwise give them to medical professionals to maximize any potential benefit that you can receive during this difficult time. Our artists wanted to produce black face masks that you would be proud to wear when you have to go outside. Featuring one of a kind art our Chronic Ink washable and reuseable surgical style face masks are made of 100% Neoprene and will help you to protect your nose and mouth area from exposure to unwanted contaminants.

How to put on a medical face mask

The best face mask should be both simple and comfortable to wear. If things are itchy, uncomfortable, or otherwise irritable, you won’t want to wear your mask when it’s the most important; around other people who may or may not potentially pose a threat to your wellbeing. Some people may refuse to wear a mask when out in public entirely, but that doesn’t mean that you need to. As time goes on, those who are the most cautious will prevail in terms of overall health care, so be sure to keep in touch with the latest recommendations and anything you should be doing to keep yourself and your family safe from infection.

How do medical face masks work?

Contrary to popular belief, medical masks may not be as effective or more effective than other types of facial covering options. Most people seem to think that just because a product has the stamp of approval to be “medical grade” that I must be the best of the best when it comes to protection, but this is not the case. Any medical professional will tell you that each grade has its level of efficiency depending on what it is used for, and many medical-grade masks should not be used out in public to prevent any transmission of COIVD-19.

Do medical face masks protect you?

Some people may tell you that facial coverings don’t work when it comes to preventing transmission of the virus, but you can be assured in knowing that they do. Due to the rate of transmission, which is typically airborne droplets, wearing a mask helps to ease the burden off of those who have a general cough or sneeze when out in public, as any germs will effectively stay within the mask versus outside in the open.

The Benefits of Reusable Masks

Because the CDC recommends reusable masks, it is crucial to take stock of what you have and what you need. If everyone is following directions regarding hygiene, social distancing, and any necessary public trips, everyone will benefit from lower rates of infection, whether that’s the nurse at the hospital or your neighbour down the street. It is better to be safer than sorry during these times, so don’t be afraid to do some cloth mask shopping while you stay at home.