Toronto tattoo artist Csaba Sipos wins in Laval

joebiketattoo2014 Csaba (Joe) wins again in Laval, Quebec! Congratulations Joe for taking home 3rd place for Large Black & Grey Tattoo at the Bike and Tattoo show 2014. It’s been really inspiring to see Joe’s rise into the elite ranks of Canadian tattoo artists. For those of you who feel like they are stuck in life and are not quite sure where you’re headed or what it all means, Joe is living proof that sometimes you just have to fight your way out of it. You can wait around for luck, or you can go and grab it. We don’t know exactly when or what sparked the change, it’s as if he just woke up one day with a renewed passion for tattooing and he hasn’t look back ever since. From being too nervous to tattoo at conventions because there are too many people around, to winning at the last three shows he’s competed, we couldn’t be more proud of our brother. Anyone who knows our history knows Chronic would never have survived the early years without Joe. He was a huge reason we were able to keep the lights on at Pacific Mall in the early days and that will never be forgotten. It’s incredible how sometimes when you devote yourself to serving someone else, you end up finding yourself. Joe is one of the rare artists that enjoys fixing bad tattoos. Most tattoo artists want fresh clean canvases so they are not restricted, but Joe gets so much joy out of seeing a client walk away happy and relieved with a new tattoo they can finally be proud of. We think it’s because of this servitude that’s allowed him to discover himself. We’ve never seen him happier or more at peace, and honestly that’s more important to us than seeing him win awards.]>>