The hunt for Chronic Ink's next VJ

Got a love for tattoo culture and a passion for social media? Chronic Ink Tattoo is looking for a brand ambassador just like you. The Contest #ReppinChronicInk: Chronic Ink Tattoo VJ The search is on. Chronic Ink Tattoo is on the hunt for someone with the social media chops to rep our brand. Who are we looking for? We are looking for genuine passion. While the contest winner will be a social media star, we want someone who is more than just an online personality. The Chronic Ink VJ will be fun and funny, while able to create real and intimate moments. The winner will be personable, respectful, and capable of bringing out the best in the people they interview. A big part of your job is going to be showcasing the team that works behind the scenes here at Chronic Ink. Why are we doing this? We’ve always enjoyed Cabbie Richards because he was never afraid to get his hands dirty and shake things up during his segments. Cabbie is always able to bring out the best and most exciting traits in who he interviews and was able to earn the respect of people who watched him. That’s what we’re looking for with this contest. Someone who can engage with and relate to our audience and do a better job at showcasing our artwork than we’re currently doing. Do you have what it takes to be the Cabbie Richards for Chronic Ink Tattoos? How to Enter For the first round of the Chronic Ink Tattoo VJ Contest you just need to upload a 15 second video on either Facebook or Instagram tagged with #ReppinChronicInk . In the video we want you to tell us/show us why you should be Chronic Ink’s first studio personality. Perks What do you get out of it? Beyond the experience of getting behind the scenes in the tattoo culture we have a whole load of perks for you. First the answer to your big question – yes, this is a paid position. But it’s more than just a job, you’ll get free tattoos, the chance to travel, and get in front of Canada’s best audience. Details The deadline for the first round is March 15th, 2016. The number of rounds isn’t set in stone yet, but you can definitely expect multiple rounds. Our selection process to move on to the next round will be a mix of the most liked videos and a few of our favourites as well. Winners will be messaged on social media. ***Be sure to check back here regularly to see the latest updates to the contest!*** Good Luck Be sure to get your submission in by March 15th for your chance at #ReppinChronicInk. Best of luck to everyone! CI-Hosted-Cabbie-March-15 CI-Hosted-Fallon-March-15]>>