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navel piercing to a loud expression of identity. With so many styles and jewellery available, there are many ways that your new body piercing can tell a story. At Chronic Ink, we take pride in being able to provide our clients a wide offering of body piercings options. Our in-house piercing experts are able to pierce virtually any part of your body. Our attention to detail and dedication to the craft has made us one of Toronto & Vancouver’s best piercing studios. Recently, we launched a new page on our website that offers users a comprehensive list of body piercings our staff are able to perform at our Toronto & Vancouver piercing studio. Each piercing listed on our site will offer further insight into the individual body piercing, healing times, aftercare instructions, and more. We urge you look through some of our offerings and learn more about the piercing your desire. CIT piercing page Click on the image to visit our piercing page. If you’ve you reached a decision on the piercing you want to get, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out each of our in-depth piercing pages, and from there you will be able to contact our Toronto & Vancouver piercing studio and discuss your ideal piercing over a free consultation. Don’t see the piercing type you want? Don’t worry, contact our studio and we will more than likely be able to accommodate your request. We Use Titanium Jewelry We highly suggest using titanium jewellery as it is the best jewellery for your body. It’s makeup and structure allows for faster healing, less irritation, less stress and an overall safer experience. Read more about the benefits of using titanium jewellery for your body piercing. CIT body piercings examples Needles > Piercing Gun In our commitment to providing the best experience and satisfaction to our clients, we strictly use needles for all of our piercings. Needles are more accurate, safe, sterile, less painful and are ultimately faster than using a piercing gun. Aftercare Based on your piercing, our in-house piercing experts will be able to provide aftercare specific to you. For more insight into proper aftercare, check out our piercing aftercare blog post, or the aftercare process listed in each of our piercing pages. Ready for your new body piercing? So are we. Set up a free consultation with us and we can help you get the great new piercing you’ve been looking for.]>>