Bringing Ink To Life With 3D Tattoos

Great tattoo artists are constantly challenging themselves, finding new and innovative ways of depicting an image on the human canvas. Their desire to grow as an artist and develop a new tattoo style gives us tattoo lovers cool new types of ink. What are 3D tattoos? Introducing 3D tattoos. Three dimensional tattoos appear to rise off of the surface of your skin, bringing it to life. Consider 3D movies. In 3D movies people and items sometimes appear to be coming out of the screen, and seem to be closer to you than the screen itself. It creates an illusion of depth on a 2 dimensional flat surface. That is what a 3D tattoo is. It is a tattoo that creates an illusion, in such a way that it adds depth to your image, creating it to look like it is coming off your skin. Of course the tattoo is not really three dimensional, the artist's skill is what gives the image that element. So How to Tattoo 3D Designs? 3D tattoos require a great artist who has practised the art. The tattoo artist uses careful placement of light and shadow to give the image a 3 dimensional illusion. Tattoo artists also use a blurring techniques that works with shadow and light to amplify the 3 dimensional image. Prior to approaching a three dimensional tattoo the artist must study the anatomical shape of the piece he wants to create, construct it to fit the dimensions the body part it will appear on, then apply the ink to the skin. 3D tattoos are on the rise, and rightfully so because of their visual appeal. Approach a tattoo artist and ask if your next tattoo idea can become 3D. If you don’t have any ideas, ask your artist for a brainstorming session and they’ll help you find a creative way to express yourself with a tattoo in 3D. Examples of 3D tattoos 3d 1 3d3 3d2