Augmented Reality Tattoo Apps - What We Think About Them

Remember your first cell phone? Aside from making a phone call, it likely didn’t really do all that much. Today our smartphones are capable of thousands of different functions and sometimes we can even forget they make phone calls. Every day the power of our smartphones are taking advantage of newer technology, with the newest trend for tattooing being augmented reality tattoo apps, helping us become more and more addicted to our cellular devices. Augmented reality involves a technology that blends CGI graphics into a user's view of the real world, providing a composite view. Perhaps you’ve tried to virtually place IKEA furniture into your room using this technology, or have noticed the heavy increase of the “face swap” feature on Snapchat utilized in your facebook feed. More recently the art of getting a tattoo has started to see augmented reality increase in prominence. To virtually display your new augmented tattoo it can be easy as downloading an app like INK hunter onto your phone, selecting a template and witnessing parts of your body transform on your phone's screen as the virtual tattoo is applied.
inkhunter app on a phone projecting a tattoo onto a forearm (Image from
While there are many immediate advantages to using these augmented reality tattoo apps and we can’t deny that it’s future role in the tattoo industry will be significant, it should not be used as the sole determining factor in your decision to agree on a certain tattoo design or not. Tattooing can be very complex and as of right now your phone cannot provide you the same amount of insight of a professional tattoo artist. Using AR technology to find your best tattoo For mainly smaller tattoo’s, using the virtual tattoo app on your phone can be very useful when used correctly. Some of the advantages an AR tattoo app can be:
  • Good for displaying smaller tattoos more accurately.
  • You can get a rough idea of how the tattoo looks onto the user's body without having to commit to inking.
  • They usually come loaded with a lot of different tattoo styles and templates that can help inspire you to think of more creative tattoo ideas.
  • Some of the better apps will allow the user to upload their own sketches and designs into the app.
  • It can be a lot of fun trying out different tattoos on you or your friends.
AR technology and your Toronto & Vancouver tattoo artist So you’ve had some fun with the app and perhaps you’ve landed on your ideal tattoo - fantastic! This app technology is used best for generating tattoo ideas that when brought to a professional Toronto & Vancouver tattoo artist can soon become a reality. The drawbacks of relying too heavily on these augmented reality tattoo apps is they only give you a projection of a tattoo on your body and the do not replicate the other complexities that a tattoo artist otherwise would consider. People can run into issues when they come to expect their tattoo to be exactly identical to what they see on the screen as these tattoo apps on your phone not take into account the natural pigment of your skin, the skin composition and the natural form of your body. In addition the larger the tattoo you are looking to get, the more margin for error the application will allow for meaning these apps are better geared to displaying better small tattoo representations. At a free consultation at one of our Markham or Toronto & Vancouver tattoo shops, one of our experienced tattoo artists offer you some of their expert advice into making your vision a reality. They will draw out the tattoo using a stencil to give you a more real demonstration of how the tattoo will be displayed on your body. Once you agree on the right pattern, the best version of the tattoo idea your app may have showed you will be properly inked on your body. Contact our Toronto & Vancouver tattoo artists today to see how we can help get your next tattoo from your smartphone screen onto your skin! >>>