Wear Proud. Work Proud

11025744_881161461940605_8456237607700422717_n Seven years ago when people asked me what we did, I’d reply - “Authentic Asian Tattoos”. That was what we did best and it gave us our place in the industry. We became known as one of the better studios in the country to get an Asian-styled tattoo. Seven years later as we head into the next chapter for Chronic Ink, that tagline seems a bit passé. Yes, we are still that studio that specializes in Asian Tattoos but we’ve grown beyond that. We’ve become a family of artists that excel in many styles - Realism, Illustration, Watercolour, Line/Dotwork, and of course Asian. Through it all, two things have held true: 1) We’re focused on creating beautiful custom art tattoos that people are proud of, and 2) We are focused on working with not just the best artists, but more importantly, the best people who are proud of what they do. This idea of being PROUD of something will be the next obsession that will dictate our actions for the next decade. PROUD will be the foundation of who we are and what we do. PROUD will be our chance to be remembered. WEAR PROUD, WORK PROUD - Chronic Ink Family]>>