The Liora Story

12144732_973881522668598_7589166212496753595_n Last time we wrote a critical piece about an educator who failed to deliver the right message to a student, so it's only fair to commend a great teacher we had he pleasure of working with this year in our co-op program. Please meet Paul Price, the co-op teacher who works out of Newtonbrook secondary school in North York. Too bad he's not on IG or I would have tagged him. I could write a few hundred words describing how he spends countless hours getting his kids on track, giving them life lessons that will never be forgotten, or even finding jobs for them to help them get invaluable experience and stay out of trouble. But I think these two pictures say it all. You can't fake the way his student feels about him in these photos. I don't only see respect. I see love. I see appreciation. I see two friends taking a picture together. And I see someone being a big part of someone's future. His wife, wearing blue in the picture, who's also a guidance coucbellor at the school, together helped paved the way for this student's successful graduation. On behalf of the city, we want to thank you Mr. Price for doing a heck of a job mentoring our young kids and we're more than happy to help take on some of this responsibility now. This co-op student is Liora Soloman and it is with great pleasure that we officially announce the beginning of her apprenticeship at Chronic Ink, as a piercer and as a tattoo artist. We promise we will do everything in our power to make sure she blossoms into a great artist and an even better human being. Full story at http://www.theToronto & & Vancouver