5 year Anniversary

5 yr ani It's like 2am so hope this post is not too sloppy... I was just sending out a message to our Chronic family congratulating everyone on making it to our 5 year anniversary (which is today) on our group chat on Whatsapp. (yeah, it’s a little cheesy but it works for us) We weren’t celebrating together, which I kind of regret now. I was waiting to celebrate with everyone on the weekend but now I realized it would have been much better today. So, we are all sending each other congratulations messages and then some of us started sending selfies of ourselves drinking shots and all sorts of other stuff I can’t write on here to each other. That’s when it hit me. The greatest thing we’ve done in the past 5 years is build a family of people that actually enjoy each other and enjoy waking up to our jobs. Seeing all the msgs go back and forth at 1am, joking around was more rewarding than any of the awards that we have won. It’s hard to find something you enjoy doing everyday. It’s even harder to find good people to do it with. So, for this, I’m so glad the past 5 years happened I want to thank our Family. Now, of course we are grateful to our fans who support us, without them we won’t even be here so that’s a given. But, today I want to thank everyone in our Family. We might argue or bicker at one another here and there, but at the end of the day, we work hard for the same goals for each other everyday. It’s damn near impossible to find a group of people that give a crap everyday about what they do, so I thank God everyday that we found each other. Thank you to my Fam, thank you for 5, and I’m looking forward to many many more. And, btw, of course Tony does not drink. I don’t even think he does anything else but draw. He sends a pic of him working on his drawings with Damon and Ray at like 12:30 at his house. I didn’t believe it at first but then it’s Tony and the pic is time stamped….. Chronic Ink is in good hands….Amen and goodnight. One more thing, If’s there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 5 years at Chronic, it’s to make sure you do something you are passionate about. Don’t settle for anything else because it won’t work. You can’t pretend to be someone you are not. We are fortunate to be in a country where we have choice, so choose what you love to do and that’s the true path to happiness. Chronic Ink Family]>>